Macronutrient setting targets don't apply


Loving the app so far but I'm confused as to why my targets don't match the daily targets?

I manually entered into more>Targets>Macronutrient Settings:
Protein 120.0g
Net Carbs 80.0g
Fat 50.0g

But my daily "Default Macronutrient targets" in my diary has much higher amounts.
Protein /186.4g
Net Carbs /124.3g
Fat /77.7g

I'm unsure why it's arbitrarily different? These aren't the targets I want to hit.

Any help explaining why and if I need to fix it would be appreciated.



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    I'm not an administrator, but I can tell you that has a good deal to do with how you've chosen to let the program set your targets. If you choose Fixed Amounts, the app will display exactly what you put in. (The web version may not, but that's a different issue.).

    If you choose Macronutrient Ratios, the initial targets for the day will be almost the same as if you had put in Fixed Amounts, but they will vary as you start consuming food. If you have marked that you want the program to take account of exercise calories burned, and/or Thermic Effect of Food, those two settings will cause your targets to vary through the day.

    If you choose Keto Calculator, the program will use the protein calculation you chose, plus the grams of carbs you entered, and then vary the fat grams through the day as you burn calories.

    And finally, you can choose a fixed calorie target OR you can tell the program that you want to lose, say, half a pound a week, and it will adjust the macros accordingly.

    From what you say above, it looks like you have it set on Macronutrient Ratios. Try using Fixed Values instead, and setting your fixed calorie target to match.

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