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My trans fat is glowing red 600> I eat mostly a Mediterranean diet. I suppose red is bad so what should I aim for here? Everything else is green except folic and vitamin D and iron which were at 50% yellow. Trying to figure out these colors and how to make positive changes=)


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    Hello @noexcuses ,

    For every nutrient, there is a set minimum target and a maximum target. Basically the percentage bar will turn yellow as you are approaching a minimum. At the minimum, it will turn green and then red at the maximum. If there is no minimum value in the range you won't see a green bar because there is no "range" defined.

    You can change your nutrient targets to custom targets on the website by following these steps:

    1) Go to the 'Profile' tab
    2) Scroll down to the 'Nutritional Targets' section
    3) Tick off the 'Custom' checkbox for the nutrients you wish to customize. Click directly on the numbers to customize them.


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    If you hover over the trans fat red bar, it will show you which foods you ate are contributing to it. If they are all natural, unprocessed foods, I really wouldn't worry about it!

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