Cannot find the water bar .... Help please


My brother's account has been inactive for aages and he started using it again a few days ago and he gets a bar tracking his water intake.

I have been using my account for a long long time and never been able to activate that water tracking bar. I've read the various articles in the blog about water and it should be dead easy but I just cannot make it happen.

What silly mistake am I likely to be making ?


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    For a couple of days a water bar appeared across my PC page then went away for no reason, I liked it but couldn't figure out how to make it appear again.

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    Hey there! We have been beta testing our new and improved water tracking feature and it looks like you (and your brother @BillSteamshovel) were one of the few users who were randomly selected to test it.

    We recently withdrew the feature for testers in an effort to improve it even further. We're making some improvements and hope to have a better version released to all users very soon.

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