Splitting of sugar alcohol by type

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Its great that we are able include and exclude sugar alcohols from our net carb figure. however as we know different sugar alcohols behave differently in the body with varying degrees of percentage truly counting towards net carbs, I understand for a lot of foods this information might not be available, however the ability to submit and create custom foods with these values would be awesome.

loving to product by the way :)


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    @thetownfool You can create a custom food and enter your own value in for Sugar alcohols! As you say we don't have enough quality information to be able to display sugar alcohols to this levels of detail. As well, most manufacturers of pre-packaged foods that contain sugar alcohols only delineate "Sugar alcohols" and not the specific type.
    If you know more specific numbers that you would like to use, go to the edit food screen of the food you would like to update and select "Edit a Copy". Change the value under "sugar alcohol", and save a copy to your custom foods.

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