Looking for serious dieting PC/web/sw

I need to generate diet plans based on my preferences and be able to re-roll single foods. Or ban foods i don't want to generate including (for specific meals of day like breakfast). I want to be able to add custom foods to generate plan e.g. foods i saved and filled their nutritional profile. I need more flexibility!

I found this site, but tit has no reviews and all apps look rudimentary not very helpful and you have to pay 20$ monthly to scumgpt... https://theresanaiforthat.com/meal-plans/ Apps don't look too good more like someone just tryirng to collect their 5$ quickly without caring about making good app that could help someone :(

From cronometer i miss that i cannot add meals ahead without already confirming them into calendar as eaten foods, as i will change my mind, or don't eat something and then all data are corrupted!

Cronometer should add ai generating meals! In this age!

Not to mention OMG nutritial specialists or dieticians already put you diet plan for 150$ you cannot also speak into it so they change it, which looks like generated from computer and is not personalized to collect their money and don't help ppl, 90% are scam... That is pretty concerning! They should focus on like biology and more in detail and help ppl find foods for their biology or something high level, while AI can generate diets...

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