Introducing Sleep Insights and Option To Always Explode Custom Meals and Recipes

Howdy Cronometer Community!

We want to let you know about two new features being added to Cronometer in version 4.18.0.

Sleep Cycle Insights: Users with integrated devices can now analyze their sleep data in the Cronometer app. The Sleep Breakdown displays your sleep duration, stages, sleep score and recovery score. To learn more visit the link here.

Always Explode Custom Meals and Recipes: Now users have the option to have Custom Meals and Recipes always explode when they are added to the Diary. This feature is great for users who repeat Custom Meals and Recipes often but sometimes have to make variations such as three cups of coffee versus your normal two on a Monday morning! To learn more visit the link here.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask or reach out to support@cronometer.com


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    Not to be pedantic, but I thought I would chime in to say that my Cronometer install does not allow for "Always Explode" on Recipes. Only for Meals.

    This is under Settings > Display > Diary Settings. The option actually reads "Always Explode Meals".

    This actually makes perfect sense to me, as Recipes can be a component of Meals and Meals have less (no) serving options during Diary Entry.

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