Garmin Integration (Sleep Data).

Okay, so it's nice that I can now click the Chevron next to 'Sleep (Garmin)' on the diary page and get a verbose breakdown of my sleep (Pic 2), but this makes the 'Recovery' and 'Sleep Score' entries redundant. If I want that data, I'll click for it. These are now just unnecessary clutter.

They're not the sort of metrics I need at a glance in Cronometer; they are displayed on many Garmin watches first thing in the day when you view your 'Morning Report'.

When I slide them offscreen for deletion, there's a warning that they won't be reimported in the future, but I think that just means for that day (?) I've never done this and not had them reimport the following morning.

Help ? 🤷🏼‍♂️


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    I just deleted yesterday's two entries for Sleep Score and Recovery; clicked away the warning that they would not be reimported in the future (fine by me); synced my device, and there they are again for today. Can 'future' please mean what it says ?

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    Today's dismissed 'Recovery' score came back subsequently 😔

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    Hang on, when you delete the Diary entries, you lose the info from the sub-page which shows the sleep breakdown 🤷🏼‍♂️

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