Have a marking on things "is essential"

For example vitamin b12 doesnt sound interesting. But if you just went vegan and just be like "meh what is this weird vitamin b12 even gonna do" and then you'd feel all weak and stuff but dont want to hurt animals or something of that sort...well then u might end up being dead.
okay rare today since almost everyone is aware of it but that one odd one that uses cronometer but has never heard of social media where they mention vitamin b12 might benefit from it.

but this is just one example (protein being another one: 0.8g/kg bodyweight is "recommended" but somewhere between 0.5 and 0.6g/kg bodyweight is essential iirc (looking at you fruitarians!)...and probably many other nutrients too)


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    Under "Nutrient Targets" near the middle right part of the web application, there's a gear that expands into a section that allows you to "Show Highlighted Targets". You could select B12 and protein as the highlighted targets, similar to your marking things as essential idea. Pretty sure the feature is available to free accounts.

    Different (micro)nutrient is important to people with different diets and medical conditions. I would argue that most nutrients tracked on Cronometer are essential!

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    Yes i know about vitamin b12 and therefore it would be easy for me to put it into the "targets" thingy. But someone who doesnt know these things may suffer.

    Most things are not very important and if you eat random crap ull probably end up getting some bits of most things anyways. Doesnt mean that you should eat random crap.

    As you may have noticed veganism is on the rise and therefore ppl may want to hear about vitamin b12's important role, iodine and other things like that.
    Im sure u can easily go with 50% rda of selenium for like 5 years without noticing anything much - but vitamin b12 deficiency will come for most ppl withing just a few months....and well...it can even be deadly lol.
    I could see that happening with some 16 or so year old girl who loves animals and doesnt care about educating herself and just suffers vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms without knowing what could cause it.
    I remember once i felt significant numbness in my left hand after just 40 days not eating animal products and not taking supplements - but well i knew this could happen cuz i know my stuff and right away started supplementing and it went away.

    But other things would be nice too like iodine and ALA (or rather dha/epa since once the brain mass is lost its hard(/impossible?) to redo

    just having a red line around the vitamin b12 cell would probably suffice (so it doesnt get pushed down by like fluoride or some other crap that seemingly is "not as important")

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    Hello @Dark , thank you for your thoughts on this matter. Cronometer is here as a tracking software and is not meant to replace a registered dietician or other healthcare professional in assessing eating habits and Nutritional needs. Cronometer is simply a tool to work with you in reaching your nutrition goals!
    That being said, you can choose what you would like to see in your "Nutrient Targets" section of your diary. You can completely remove listings of micronutrients if they are not important to you. Select the Profile tab then, scroll down to "Nutritional Targets" and select the "Visible" check boxes for the nutrients you would like to see. If you would like different targets for the micronutrients you are interested in you can adjust them in this section also.

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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