Android 13 - Google Health - Exercise data not available

I have today installed Chronometer on my Motorola Moto G84 running Android 13.

I have done some exercises using my TicWatch Pro 3, I can see these in Google Fit and Google Health however it is not syncing to my Chronometer app.

I have Google Fit connected to Chronometer with permissions enabled and wondered if you could help.

I also have Google's Health Connect (beta) installed as I believe to enable data syncing your app now requires this to be installed.

I have ensured all permissions are set please see attachments

I think the app is great as I've seen my son using it on his Apple watch and iPhone.

Just frustrating that I cannot get any exercise data to show. The data is clearly available in Goggle Health and Google Fit.

Is there anything else I need to do?




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    yeah my google fit on my watch isn't syncing with no option to connect anymore either, can we get a fix for this?

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    For me Google Fit exercise data stopped syncing yesterday as well. Trying to debug, I disconnected Cronometer from Google Fit on the Google Fit side, intending to reconnect it. However the Google Fit connection option doesn't even appear in Cronometer now.

    Android 14 with both Cronometer and Google Fit installed. OS and all apps on latest version.

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