Improved Serving Size Display Please

The serving size dropdown can be confusing on the diary page. Please see this screenshot:

this screenshot.

Compare that to the serving size on the "Add to Diary" menu:

Can the diary dropdown, and the diary page itself, be changed to match where it's just "serving" or similar?


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    By "on the diary page itself", I mean here:

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    edited March 10

    hi, Maybe can you name them differently? Serving name is default and can be changed.
    Serving(100g) - 100g, Serving(250g) - 250g
    But notice that count will be added in front of names "1.5 Serving(100g)" so
    "1.5 100g Serving" would look weird.

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    I've done that for a few, but this is already done properly on the food selection interface so it seems it should be pretty trivial to do it on the diary page too.

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