Intermittent fasting timer improvement request/suggestion

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Hi :)

First of all, thanks for a fantastic app. Extremely detailed and some functions are VERY advanced, like the keto carbs intake adjusting to the level of effort!

I was considering to suscribe to gold permanently to help track my intermittent fasting but I am surprised at how basic that function is... Basically just a timer synced on the clock. I could check the time and have the same info with basic math in my head. And there are free apps on my watch that do the same.

I regret this functionality isn't more flexible and interactive with the meals time stamps.

I understand some people are very organised and have a routine, which a simple timer helps complement.

But in my case, I work sometimes day shifts, sometimes night shifts. One job can extend hours later than planned.

I wish instead of switching on at 6pm and off at 11am for example (which works for most people let's admit), there would be an option for the timer to adapt to food entries and time stamps, kinda like the automatic interaction between calories spent and carbs allowance in the keto macros. This could be optional as to not confuse users that are used to it, but there could be an "adaptative timer" or "fixed timer" choice in the settings, like you have the different sets of options on the keto.

Say i usually fast 18h from 6pm but i got delayed at work and only get to eat dinner at 8pm, the timer has started at 6pm but already asks me "would you like to stop fasting?" ... Well NO, i don't, i want to start fasting after dinner, but the next day it will tell me i fasted 18h while i actually ate 16h ago!

Wouldn't it make sense, besides the option of "stop fasting", to add an option to "restart fasting from last meal/now"? And actually using the time stamp of the last meal as a starting point. Then the next day, it could display "time fasting" since last time stamp entry. And then have the right fasting time value, not telling me i fasted 18h while i ate 16h ago.

Additionally, if my lunch break is pushed from 12 to 2pm, i'd like to have the option to "extend my eating window" accordingly. Like instead of having to rush and eat dinner 4h after lunch, i could wait a little longer without much impact on the fasting (2h more one day, 2h less the next). Maybe via a question "your fast lasted longer than usual. Would you like to postpone your next fast accordingly? (Xh eating window)"

An other issue with the timer is it will systematically ask if we'd like to stop fasting while making entries during the fasting window, regardless of the time stamp!

Say I come back home late from a busy day and finally get around to enter my day meals. Why does it have to ask me if i'd like to stop the fast, while i'm entering my lunch from 6h ago in the system! Same with meal planning/entries in advance. Very frustrating specially if you have a whole list of ingredients to incorporate!

Thanks for being so considerate and attentive to your customers' needs, it hasn't gone unnoticed and is much appreciated. Your app is fantastic, and I hope you'll be able to make a few tweaks to improve the fasting timer, making it better than any other app out there.

Keep up the good work!



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    Currently, I have decided that I do not need the gold upgrade as the fasting timer doesn't meet my needs and the rest of the stats don't justify the expense on my budget. Please let me know if you ever decide to upgrade the timer, and I will be very happy to subscribe to the gold plan.

    Thanks again for your continuing efforts in improving the app and listening to your customers.

    Kind regards,


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    I noticed while researching the forum that i'm not the only one who'd be interested in a timer that starts at the last meal entry instead of a fixed time.

    I really hope you'll get around to add this functionality this time :)

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