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I add a lot of recipes to cronometer (love it! so easy to use compared to other apps!) But I would love to categorize all of my recipes (breakfasts, lunches, soups/salads, pasta/pizza...etc) or perhaps be able to do a recipe search within my created recipes? It stinks that the my foods/recipes category is in a little box along the side...I would love to be able to make it bigger or have it be on it's own page.
Just a thought! Thanks!


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    Thanks for the suggestion @bigcosmo3! We will keep it in mind. When you add foods off the Add Food Window on your diary page, you can search for the recipe in the "Custom" Tab. You can also mark recipes that you use a lot as "Favorites" and search for them in the favorites tab. You can also access the edit screen recipes for recipes from the add food window which might be an easier way than accessing it via the Food tab.

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