Nutrition Data for Roasted Chickpeas vs. Cooked from Dried

I have to watch my protein carefully, so I use Cronometer to plan what to eat. Lately I've been roasting chickpeas but I don't know how to plan them. They are so much lighter in weight once cooked that if I eat the amount based on "chickpeas cooked from dried" in order to get enough protein, I'll wind up easily eating the equivalent of a whole can and getting dangerous amounts. These little buggers are incredibly easy to overeat.

Is there any simpler way than weighing the chickpeas before soaking and after roasting and then doing all the math? It would be hard enough if I just needed numbers after the fact, but the way I plan my day's food is to juggle everything iteratively to get my protein/potassium/sodium/calories in the right range. My brain hurts thinking about it...😊 TIA


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    There is an option to create custom foods under the "foods" tab. Maybe you can take a can of chickpeas, roast them, then weigh them or measure them and create a custom food called "roasted chickpeas" that reflects those measurements and then you only have to do the math one time.

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