Why did you remove my serving size?

I made an entry and it worked very well few days. Then you broke it and I have to correct it again manually.
Also, it it very hard to add barcodes to food stuff on mobile. Don't fight your users, they have right reasons, most of the time.

Why do you ("the man" :) ) break "my food items" every time you accept them to be in your CR-database. I think that should be good thing and not something I should try to avoid. Should I turn to sabotaging my entries, so that you refuse them?


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    If there’s a problem with the food entries in the app, it’s best to tell the app’s support team. They can fix it and make the app better for everyone.

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    It seems that 100% want's to see CM roadmap, and maybe even transparently to make positive contributions to the way forward. https://forums.cronometer.com/discussion/5588/roadmap

    I'd be up for clear reasons why or why not something happends.
    Usually when service moves from central control to shared one, service get's better. (Wikipedia, Reddit, Forums in general)

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