Custom Meals - 1/2 the portion size

I can't find an easy way to do this like the way MFP or even Crono's recipes handles it.

I have a custom meal for canned salmon, prepared with yogurt, capers, and a whole bunch of different spices. The usual portion uses half a can so that's what my meal is configured for. However, my hubby ate half of that half and I ate the rest today inside half an avocado. Therefore half the meal amounts.

Now to try to log it. When I call up the custom meal to add it to my diary, I was expecting there to be a serving size similar to how MFP handles custom meals which would do all the calculations to cut all the entries in half. But in Cronometer, there's no option to adjust the serving before adding it to the diary. The best I seem to be able to do is enter it as is (full portion size), then swipe on the diary entry to EXPLODE the meal after it's entered and adjust each of the 8 ingredients individually, doing the math myself using a calculator. (The ADJUST MEAL option seems to work similarly, requiring me to manually calculate half for each of the 8 entries.)

I would think it should be simple enough for the devs to add a serving size field when adding a custom meal to the diary, that defaults to 1, but allows you to edit it if you're only eating half that amount for a particular meal, similar to how it's handled for recipes.

Please, please, please consider this so I don't have to convert all my meals over to recipes, or do all the calculations individually with a calculator. Thanks!


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    Was just browsing the Cronometer subreddit and came across a link to this blog article comparing recipes vs meals.

    It sounds like meals is meant to be a simplified version of recipes, without the ability to edit serving sizes, and thus I probably should've created this as a recipe from the start.

    Now to try to discover if there's an easy way to convert a lot of my meals to recipes.

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    Custom Recipes are the way to go if you want freedom with the serving sizes. I very rarely use Custom Meals for that reason.

    Unfortunately this limitation wasn't clear to me from the get-go, so I had to convert all my Meals to Recipes. Please let us know if you find a convenient way to convert them.

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    @Seir best way I found to "convert" meals to recipes is to log the meal, explode it to expand all the individual entries, make the adjustments to the numbers—doubling or quadrupling them to equal the amount of a full recipe, then use multi-select (from the 3 dot menu) to select all the ingredients again, then back to the menu and Save as Recipe. It's not a "conversion" in the true sense, but it's the easiest way I found so you don't have to reenter all the ingredients again, just modify the numbers and resave as a Recipe. Hope this helps.

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