Apple Health Sleep Visualization

Hello friends!
As some of you have already noticed we have launched Sleep Visualization for our Apple Health users.

In the interest of always being wholly transparent we haven't shouted off the roof tops about this one just yet (although we are very excited) because for some users it might display inaccurate sleep durations.

Since many Apple Watch users, use third party apps connected to Apple Health before sleep tracking was something Apple did and never unlinked them, it made Sleep Vis Data in Cronometer incorrect when first connecting it.
The goods news is that this is easily remedied so you can get accurate Sleep Vis Data on your Dashboard:
You can fix this issue by changing the permissions for the third-party app within Apple Health to ‘Read Only’. This will make sure that sleep data from the third-party app isn’t exported back to Apple Health.

  • Open the Apple Health app:
  • Tap on Sharing
  • Tap on Apps and Services
  • Tap on name of third party app
  • Toggle off all permissions under ALLOW “name of third party app” TO WRITE

You can check out this blog for more details or shoot me questions.

Happy sleep tracking!


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    edited April 12

    I seemed to get a decent number today with both my Withings sleep data and Apple Sleep Data going into Apple Health (after I’d turned off Withings Sleep import directly into Cronometer), however, one issue I’m seeing is that the entry for my sleep today is time-stamped for the time when I went to bed yesterday and not when I woke up today…so my sleep for today is credited for 6 PM, which seems weird.

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