Print Diary over Span of days

Is there a way to print the diary over a custom span of days in some compact format that isn't just printing off the web pages one day at a time? (For folks who have been asked to food journal by doctors and such.) Thank you.


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    edited March 22

    You can export your diary data as CSV.

    More -> Account -> Export Data

    Then you can select a custom range:

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    I am lost. I want to print my diary but apparently I no longer can and have to upgrade to Gold. I don't know how to "export". I just want to print what is shown. I could for the first week but then I couldn't and can't get an answer as to why.

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    Thank you, that worked rather well.

    I can always pretty it up in sheets to make more printer friendly (and eyeball friendly), but it might not be so user friendly for anyone not comfortable with excel/computers. I'm thinking of a few not so tech savvy elders I know.

    Off to the suggestions board I go. :smiley:

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