User friendly printing option for Food Journaling

edited March 26 in Feature Requests

My suggestion is in part because I know a competing app already does this... but we can make it better.

To make food journaling easier for folks who are not as comfortable with Sheets/Excel, or computers and smart phones in general - for example some elderly folks who have been asked to food journal because of their diabetes by their doctors- it would be helpful to have a simple user friendly process to print a given date span for diary entries. (Bonus if it includes both *select Nutrition Data and Exercise data.)

I'm envisioning:
User clicks "Print Diary" button
New window: Asks user for date range and if default or custom data.
If user selects Default data: Cals in /out, protein, carbs & fiber, fats. Exercise.
User selects "custom": New window, user can check additional unchecked boxes (too many to start off with all checked),
User clicks big, "send to printer" button
Windows or Chrom/Phone sends to printer in printer friendly formatting. (Font easy to read, margins, days clearly separated, etc.)

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