Weird Calculation Issue: Garmin vs Chronometer


I've recently bought a Garmin watch and for the most part it imports fine. Just today I noticed something strange with the data though.

As you can see in this first screenshot, there is some daily activity imported (I'm sick today so haven't done much!).

I've been playing around with some of my settings because I've noticed since I got my watch and relied on the daily activity import, I feel extremely hungry (I used to instead use Chronometer's Sedentary setting to cover this).

Anyway, now I plan to only use Garmin to track workouts, so I deleted the Daily Activity entry in the diary.

You can see from this second screenshot that when I deleted the Daily Activity of 31kcal, the remaining calories actually went UP by 22.

If I'm removing activity, shouldn't I have fewer calories remaining?

A bit baffled by this - is it the wrong way around?



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