Oura import activity faulty

Hi all. Since some weeks the synchronisation between Oura and Cronometer is faulty.

For instance. Oura will tell me I have an active calorie burn of 625 today. Cronometer somehow imports this as 935 calories.

It's not just one day that's wrong, but all days. The amount of calories burned that appears in cronometer, is much higher. The number also seems random. I tried adding some numbers together, but it doesn't add up.

I have already contacted oura support and tried some things, but seems the issue is with cronometer import.

I have contacted cronometer support but unfortunately there is no reply.

Anyone any idea what to do? I have disconnected the apps multiple times from one another. With every new connection, the result is the same. Seems there's a bug somewhere in the way cronometer imports the burned calories from oura?

Kind regards.


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    Hi Nicoletta - I have had exactly the same issue for many months. I am currently unable to move much due to an injury so thought I would tabulate the calories shown in the Oura app next to what Cronometer presents.

    Interestingly the difference is around 400 calories each day:

    Date Oura Cronometer Difference
    10-04-24 161 558.6 397.6
    11-04-24 174 564.6 390.6
    12-04-24 227 640.6 413.6
    13-04-24 234 639.6 405.6
    14-04-24 256 681.6 425.6
    15-04-24 222 618.6 396.6
    16-04-24 254 698.6 444.6
    17-04-24 278 697.6 419.6

    I have been using Cronometer and Oura for nearly five years and the calories came across perfectly from 2019 to 2023.

    I asked the Support Desk but I am not sure if they understood my problem ... this was their response:

    "Since Oura's resting calories aren't included in Active Calorie Burn, if we only imported exercise and the difference between Active Calorie Burn and Exercise as 'Imported Activity', we would be underestimating total calories for the day.

    Therefore, to include resting calories, we use the calculation:
    Total Calories from Oura - Exercise calories from Oura - BMR calories from Cronometer = Imported Activity

    This will mean that there is a slight discrepancy between what you're seeing in Cronometer and Oura but total kcals should match."

    For now I will just have to manually transfer the calories each day.

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    P.S. I have used Cronometer with an Oura Ring for five years and if I just accepted the calories as now imported by Cronometer, I would effectively have a daily calorie "eating budget" about 400 calories higher on average. Even with a neutral weight maintenance setting in my profile, I would gain (0.34 kg/month =) 4 kilograms per year, so there has to be something wrong somewhere!

    I have alerted the Support Desk to your post as well as posts elsewhere that also appear to suggest similar issues even with other trackers.

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