How to plan my day ahead

Hey folks! Sorry if this is a total Nube question, but I'd like to know if there's a way to lay out my day or even week ahead of time, so that I can balance it out and not be scrambling at the end of the day. I do this in a spreadsheet currently, where I can enter data for my different meals for the rest of the day and then go back and adjust amounts until I hit my targets. But it's a real time suck to have to do that, then re-enter the data in Cronometer when I actually consume the stuff. And, my spreadsheet doesn't know how many grams of fat vs protein are in 150g of chicken, for instance, so I have to enter that manually.
Wondering what's the best way to go about this, so I don't have to reinvent the wheel?
I've already figured out how to make custom meals and that's a big help, just the planning bit..
Open to Basic or Gold to make this work.

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    Have you thought about pre-tracking your meals in Cronometer, either for the day or for the whole week? And if you eat the same things repeatedly, you can make it easy by copying-and-pasting within Cronometer (between meals or between days). And then if your meal is different once you eat (quantities or foods) you can adjust what you pre-tracked.

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