How to view nutrients for just one food to be added

Is there a way to view the nutrients for each result (hit) of an add food database search? If a food is added then the totals for the day go up but it is difficult to grasp the differences to the prior total for so many nutrients. The level of nutrients in some foods may influence my decision as to whether to eat it or not, or the amount. Further, the nutrients for the same food vary from brand to brand and easily knowing the differences can aid in which brand to buy.


  • @TambourineMan go to the foods tab instead of the diary tab to view a food's nutrient breakdown without adding it to your diary! You can also add a food to you diary and then click on the entry to see a breakdown of only that food.

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  • It hasn't even been two days since I started using Cronometer but already I am very impressed. Cronometer is very powerful and flexible. There is a lot to learn about how to use it. It almost provides too much helpful info. :) I can see I will need to stock up on paper and printer ink.

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