How to calculate custom recipe ingredients

I am braising a beef roast. The process calls for browning/searing the beef in oil. When suitably browned, setting it aside and cooking the onions and other ingredients in the remaining oil to create a braise flavor for the roast.The beef is then put back in the pot, covered, and slow cooked. And here's where the confusion comes into play. When the beef is done, I remove it from the ingredients in the pot and serve it. It doesn't include any of the other ingredients at this point, but it did affect the flavor. Did it also affect the nutrients? How should I deal with this?
This is similar to what I do, but with considerably less liquid:
For the record, my husband turns the resulting liquid into a gravy that everyone else eats, but I do not, as I'm Keto.

Just another grandmother trying to change old habits ...

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