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Context :
I am developing a progress tracker in google sheet. It contains various data about health (sleep, nutrition, etc). Lots of it is binary tracking, so if I complete a particular goal, I simply write "1" and the cell lights up green. "0" would light up red. Some data requires more precise data extraction such as water content from food, which require user to log food known for being rich in water inside cronometer for example as a first step, then extracting the water total from food back into the progress tracker. In order to track the water intake distribution from various sources on a graph over a period of 2 weeks, and correlate that with the health score indicators, to see if there is a more appropriate water intake that seem to attain health targets, to try figure out what is likely the average needed to be consumed by this person to do well based on his unique circumstances (health status, individual needs, activity level, weather, etc).

I will be the user of this tracker (for personal use). I have an intention, if possible, to maybe monetize this trackers directly by selling it to other users or indirectly by giving it away for free with the intention of marketing & client acquisition purposes for related products.

My main questions :
Am I breaching the terms of service? this feels grey area to me.
when I commercialize this, will the users of this progress tracker be able to extract data from cronometer into the tracker without breaching terms of service? most likely they will use it for their own personal use.

my thoughts
I have not extracted data to include it inside the tracker with intention of building a database that competes with cronometer. rather I am extracting data based on logged foods consumed. so the use seem to me more personal use based. maybe commercial use would be to create my own database by data mining your database.
however, i suspect you maybe have paid cronometer for nutritionists. so that may change how i interpret "commercial" use. please help on that.

I respect agreements, hence I reached out to you. I enjoy using cronometer for long time, if you can help me with this, I would be greatly appreciative. If I cannot use cronometer for free for my intended commercial use, please help me understand why if possible. In any case, I cannot afford a subscription at the moment, and that will mean I will have to put more work finding the data from free sources.

Wish you a good day.

Also :
these may be relevant :


(iv) you and/or any Permitted Minor are accessing the Site and/or Services solely for your own personal, non-commercial purposes;

(v) you are not, and are not acting on behalf of, any competitor or prospective competitor of Cronometer or its affiliates or subsidiaries;

(vi) you and/or any Permitted Minor are not accessing the Site and/or Services for the purposes of any dispute or litigation involving Cronometer or its affiliates or subsidiaries; and

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