Omron BP monitor

It would be fantastic to be able to import my Omron BP logs. Baring that, perhaps the ability to import a csv file?

-- Finn!


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    I agree. Being able to directly connect to my Omron BP monitor would be fantastic.

    I did have it set up to load data into Google Fit and then pull the data into Cronometer, but I had to delete that. Google Fit was pulling in workouts that were already directly loaded from my Polar strap. It was a pain to manually delete these entries and they would reappear later. It was also pulling in redundant sleep data which was already in Cronometer from my Fitbit connection. I found using Google Fit to be useless because you couldn't be selective on what data to pull in to Cronometer.

    Now I'm back to manually entering BP data, which is a pain for a connected device. I researched BP monitors for a long time to find the best and Omron came out on top.

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    edited April 21

    omron silver import would be nice.
    guess its going to be a manual job... wasnt looking to spend 2x as much for a withings blood pressure monitor that does happen to automagically sync.

    wish i knew how to program... someday

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