caloric density 3 color system

Hi, Can Cronometer give us an option to color-code our foods based on Caloric Density. It's easy to calculate, but the colors are a fast-check. Noom took these 3 color from research based on Caloric Density's same 3 colors, which is a great way to track & encourage eating the most nutrient-dense foods which also fill you up the best (water-dense). Noom's way too $$$ for just this feature, no other app has this, so I'd be willing to pay a bit for this little feature & grouping it by colors, aiming for some Green (most nutritious, filling foods like veg, fruit, some seafood) to more Yellow (lean protein) to less Orange (fats, seeds, nuts, other...). It's just nice to have these grouped (by volume) so you can visually see your goals achieved for your desired %. No other app allows you to see this easily, even MFP, though they claim it's built-in. Some people have tried to make their own, but they don't exist anymore or aren't for iOS. I couldn't find this on the suggestion list to add, but others are asking for it elsewhere in the forum. :)


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