Biometrics imported into wrong diary group

I'm not sure if this is related to the beta app, but since it only started happening today, and I'm on beta, I'm reporting it here as such.

I have Cronometer set up so that my imported data gets puts into the Biometrics diary group (heart rate, exercise, and all the other stuff that comes in from external apps). Today I noticed that all but one of my imported items were placed incorrectly into a different group instead of the one specified as Imported Data Group under Diary Settings.

Can you verify if this is a beta issue or if something else might've gone wrong?

For now, I'm just going to manually drag and drop them to the correct place, but I thought I should report it here to see if you can reproduce it.


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    Today they went to the correct biometrics group.

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    And now today back in the wrong group again.

    It's really hard to know if this is related to the beta app specifically or not though. I suspect so since it's only been happening recently, but that said, I think some of this stuff happens on the back end so I dunno...

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    UPDATE: this seems to have resolved itself, perhaps with the latest build? In any case, I was able to pinpoint that it happened when I adjusted a meal (namely my Daily Vitamins & Supplements) in the group above. It was after saving that change that a lot of the Biometrics would get pulled up into that group. So whatever it was, it hasn't happened for the last 4 days or so now.

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