Why am i meeting targets by lunch time given Im only eating no - added - fat WFPB?

hi...im wondering why after I entered my breakfast and lunch , under General, Energy shows 1396 kg...being 114% of what i need for the day?....so using maths it is telling me I only need 1196 calories for the day and I wondered where i can see this figure....how they have calculated this is all i need.......its also confusing that it says I've only met 64% of my nutrient targets, having supposedly met my calorie needs......?

it just seems strange because i am not eating any added fats, half a cup of rolled oats for breakfast.....rice, beans and potatoes....a very plain diet .....so i was surprised to see basically according to cronometer I've eaten all I need for the day?....is this correct?....just wondered if anyone had noticed this?


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    Hi @Georgie, Make sure you have set up appropriate body details on the profile page and ensure you have set up a weight goal if that is a priority for you (If not, you can just select maintain, and un-select the "Show weight goal" box". Then scroll down to the Macronutrient targets section and create a macronutrient target profile for yourself according to your specifications or those set by your health professional.
    As well, the graphics on the diary page can sometimes be confusing as they show a lot of different information! Make sure you are using the right percentages. For instance, the circle graphic will show the macronutrient components comprising the total calories you have consumed. The percentages listed in the bar graphic indicate the percent consumed of your total goal amount.

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    Like what Hilary said, it's worth checking your profile settings. Specifically:

    Under weight goal, did you set to extreme weight loss, e.g. "Lose Weight: (-2.0 lbs / week)"? If I select that setting, it tells me I need "an average daily 998 kcal deficit". That wouldn't allow me to eat much at all and I would easily hit the calorie limit and nowhere near the nutrients target.

    You said you eat a low-fat, wholefood plant-based diet. Did you reflect your preferences in the setting, so that your fat needs percentage is lower than the average recommended intake? That could also throw your nutrients target calculation off.

    Calorie and nutrients targets are like independent goals (calorie might be part of nutrients calculation; I don't know the algorithm). It is entirely possible to reach one and not the other.

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