Binge Eater day 3

edited May 8 in General Nutrition

Wednesday, May 8
Tuesday was a success, by tracking my food on the app, I am eating enough to fuel my body. When I swap out junk food for real food, I naturally eat less calories and take in more nutrients. Swapping out sugar for veggies, meat, fat, and nuts keeps me going healthily. I know it will take time to undo my last binge episode of junk. Developing positive habits when stressed out is important. It could be coloring, knitting, doing a puzzle, going out for a walk or exercising, meditation, etc. Anything that takes you from a negative state to a positive state keeps you on track. I like coloring and exercising as my routine. I am working on a murder mystery-solving book called "Murdle" vol 1 by G.T Karber. This is popular with kids right now but anyone can do it. Stay healthy and positive everyone!!

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