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I'm taking some Dr-prescribed supplements for cholesterol management (in addition to following a keto food plan). These are by Nordic Naturals and Ortho Molecular Products. Though these brands are listed in the food database, my particular supplements are not. I've tried searching and cross-searching by barcode, by brand name, by ingredient, etc. I also tried to enter them by creating new foods, but the individual ingredients are not in the database so they can't be entered. For example, Nordic Naturals ProOmega LDL includes Red Yeast Rice Powder. Because it's not included in the food database, I can't create the food and (I assume) can't submit it to the admin team for inclusion. Is there another option or am I missing something? Thanks y'all!


  • Hello @MikesWineDiva

    You can submit this supplement to the curation team to add to the database. Using the barcode scanner on the mobile app is the easiest way to do this. Scan the code and if no product is found it will ask you if you would like to submit photos of the label to send to us to add to the database.

    If you are using the web version, take photos of the front of the label and the nutrition or supplement facts table and have these files handy on your computer. Create a custom food and save. Then select the gear icon in the top right corner and select Publish Food. Upload your photos, enter the product barcode and submit.


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  • @MikesWineDiva, the supplements in our database are listed with information from the supplement facts table on the packaging. You can add custom foods by following these steps: After saving your custom food, you can submit it to us for publication (using the gear menu in the top-right of the food editor).
    Additionally, you can scan the barcode with our barcode scanner feature in the mobile app which makes creating the custom food and submitting a bit easier. We have a curation team dedicated to reviewing the foods and supplements being submitted and we will gladly add yours to our database once it has been reviewed!
    There is a bit of a distinction to be made between creating a custom recipe and a custom food. The 'Create Custom Food' option is normally used to add a single food that is not present in our database; For example, this could be a branded product like a store bought candy bar or even something as simple as a head of cauliflower. This item will typically have a nutrition facts table from which you can enter the data into Cronometer. Custom recipes are for your own Combinations of foods that have already been entered into the database and composed of more than one ingredient, like a stir-fry or even simply a bowl of cereal with milk for easy entry into your diary.

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  • @Karen_Cronometer and @Hilary sadly, the barcode is not recognized. After I took the pics of the front and back labels, I was prompted to enter the nutrition, which couldn't be entered. So just to confirm, I do NOT need to enter the nutritional information before I submit to the curation team? If that's correct, I'll just redo as a custom food and submit. Thanks so much!

  • You do not need to enter the nutrition information - we will do that for you from the information listed on the label that you submit.


    Karen Stark
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