Is organic expeller pressed filtered sunflower oil healthy?

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Hello Cronometer,

Thank you for letting me ask my question. I am creating a menu plan for each day of the week while applying the guidance from a nutritionist that I received a few years ago to avoid vegetable oils and increase the amount of vegetables. Since then I have used only extra virgin olive oil and avocado oil in my meals. When planning these meals in Cronometer, I notice a deficiency of vitamin E and low polyunsaturated omega 6 fat.

For each day, I enter the foods chosen from each food group, then check the amount of fat, protein, carbs. and fiber. If I add more vitamin E containing foods, the fiber is too high. For the week I plan to have 5 1/2 ounce protein equivalent ( 2 3/4 ounces) of nuts and seeds. I would appreciate having advice about whether or not organic expeller pressed, filtered sunflower oil is healthy to include and how much per day, or if I should reduce the amount of fiber containing vegetables and add more than the recommended amount of nuts and seeds.

Thank you.

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