"Burned" section of my targets-Caculations

Hello, I just signed up and I have some questions regarding calculations. I have my settings to "lose 2 lbs/week" and that I will be moderately active 3-5 x/week for reference. I just entered my breakfast and have not exercised yet today and my summary reads -consumed 420 kcal, Burned 2570 kcal, Remaining 1152 kcal. I would assume that I should only consume the remaining 1152 calories, but why is the "burned" section so high (2570 kcal)?


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    When you hover over the "Burned" pie chart, it'll break down how that value is calculated.

    From what I understand, you should disable the "Adjusted Baseline Activity" when using a tracker (in case that applies to your use-case).

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