How Much is Too Much Protein?

So I started doing Keto just under a month ago. I am consistently at or under 20g net carbs per day, but I struggle with my protein intake. I am supposed to have around 51g of protein per day, however, I am constantly doing anywhere up to twice that amount. I love meat and that is a big part of my diet, but I do try to watch how much of it I eat. I have found difficulty with finding low-protein recipes for dinner and lunches. For a bit of background; I work in an office where I am mostly sedentary. I try to work out at home, but I have not been able to make a routine of it yet. I have lost about 6lbs so far and my goal is about 85lbs more. I am very much on a budget when it comes to groceries and try to keep my monthly bill around $250-$300. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!


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    I'm in a similar boat as you, though I'm actually trying to increase my protein intake. Beans will become your best friend! If you want to cut back on meat, but keep your protein high, beans are a good alternative. I also go through a fair amount of egg whites. For breakfast - 1 whole egg plus an extra splash of egg whites does the trick. I only recently figured out how to prepare tofu (more beans!) and will work to expand my tofu recipes.

    How large is your office? Is a standing desk an alternative for you? If your office is large enough, walk laps around it. It will help keep you moving in an otherwise sedentary day.

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