Protein Intake - and the battle with carbs

As I've continued to figure out my diet, one thing is certain. I need to increase my protein intake. Based on my activity level, it apparently needs to be quite high - 105 grams, and that's even at 30-40-30 macros. And according to my calorie counts, I barely crack 50 grams.

Tossing calorie counts out the window for a spell, I've been experimenting with protein. Not just meat, but adding tofu to my diet, protein-fortified foods, and egg whites. I think it's working! I can eat a high-protein breakfast and feel satisfied all day until dinner time. Don't even need lunch. As I get used to this, I'll start counting calories again.

On the flipside, carbs are definitely not my friend. I learned they can actually make one hungrier - and I found that to be true. While I increase my protein, I'm slowly reducing carb intake. For example, if I used to eat a half a cup of cooked rice, I'll reduce it to a third of a cup. I have to do it in baby steps.

As mentioned before, as I do this experiment, I find myself more satisfied between meals. I also find it easier to power through workouts, whether pushing weights or climbing that hill on a bicycle. I don't feel like I'm going to bonk on that next pushup. So I must be doing something right.

Anyway, this is as much a journal entry as it is a forum post because the notes feature doesn't quite cut it. If anyone finds any of the information useful, awesome! I'll just keep going with what I'm doing. :)

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