How is this Energy (macro target) calculated?

In the first screenshot, burned is 1463. (BMR 1404 + activity 63). But the energy target is 2309. Where did the extra 846 come from?
Everyday the target is 600-800 above burned. Perhaps a bug?


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    How are you setting up your macronutrient targets? It looks like they are fixed values in grams per day because: 202g protein + 173g carbs + 89g fat = 2309 calories.

    A way to test this is to reset the macronutrient amounts to "Macro Ratios" instead of "Fixed Values" using the drop down and check to see if the total calories changes.

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    @MrC, thanks for looking into it. My problem was somewhat different and Chronometer support helped to solve it.
    I had a target scheduler enabled and I didn't realize there was a custom target calorie value there. That was set to 2250. So Chronometer added my 'Activity' to that. 'Activity' calorie value was 59 when the screenshot was taken as shown in 'AM Meal" ribbon. So it calculated 2250 + 59 = 2309. As you suggested, I already use macro ratios and it calculated macro grams from calorie value than the other way around.
    Once I disabled target scheduler, settings in the second screenshot took full effect and it work as I expected.

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