Default nutrion lable settings + measurement system

It would be great to be able to set a fixed default for how I want to show the nutrition label as well as the amount and if metric or imperial system.

As is, every item has different settings when I click on them.
One has per serving of x ounces, the next is per100g etc and the diagrams next to it calculate based on that setting so it becomes hard to compare them or look for a food that fits whatever I have at home.
And the lables and measurements need to have a default setting.
I'm from Europe, so I'm only ever interested in the EU lable and EU weights as well as setting per 100g, but I have to switch it around for every single item.


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    +1 for being able to set the default nutrition label. Being in Australia - being able to set the default to Australia/NZ would be useful - metric always would be an added bonus.

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