Better guessing “as you type”

I would like to see Cronometer be”smarter”

For example - I eat basically the same 10 or so things for breakfast. If I start typing “w” and it’s the morning, Cronometer should suggest “egg whites” since I have previously entered it like 100 times before. Cronometer should give preference to suggestions from things you eat a lot and the time of day.


  • I think the search doesn't start until you're 3 characters in, and once there it seems to be pretty smart, at least for me. When you try "egg" or "whi", does it not show your most used egg white entry as the first or second suggestion?

  • Thats exactly right @Vickie , the search starts at 3 characters. @toothcarpenter I would suggest that if you are having difficulty with the search function, that you start marking favorites so that you have a smaller list to search from. You might find that creating "Recipes" will help as well if you have a set grouping of items that you eat in one meal.
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  • @Hilary Thanks for the clarification. Did you see my screenshot? I just wanted to officially make the request for searching that give preference for the user's commonly eaten foods and the time of day or if the user selects a certain meal grouping like "Breakfast" before adding.

    Cronometer is strange how it searches. Again, take a look at my screenshot posted above. Why when I type "whi" would it suggest "white mushrooms" and "white rice" when I NEVER ONCE have eaten them? When I use My Fitness Pal and I type "w" - Boom, it suggests "Egg whites, cooked"

  • @toothcarpenter thank you for your concern and great suggestions! We LOVE updating Cronometer to be more and more user friendly as we go - and user feedback like yours is imperative to that!
    I tried out using your search terms in my own diary, and I found when I had never added egg whites, I didn't see it listed anywhere in my search results (However searching "Egg" led it to be listed second!). Once I had added it only once to my diary it was listed 8th, and after adding it to my diary twice, it was now listed as the first search result when I searched "Whi"!
    I'm not certain of the exact algorithm in our search function, however, it will conform to your search preferences based on recent diary entries. Marking it as a favorite as I previously stated will only make it quicker and easier as well!

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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