Mark days as "not tracked for averages"

There are some days - particularly when I'm traveling and eating out a lot - that tracking calories for the day is nearly impossible. So I just just don't enter anything that day.

Which is fine, except then it averages in a 0 calorie day for that day, which brings my averages way down and makes them inaccurate. It also graphs a 0 on consumption charts for that day.

I'd really like a checkbox to flag those days "not tracked" or "do not include in averages", and then have days with that flag: 1) not included in any average calculations and 2) no point drawn on graphs.



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    Cronometer seems to already have the features you desire. Under each tab of Trends (Charts, Nutrition Report, etc), near the top, there's an "All Days / Non-Empty Days / Completed Days" dropdown. Selecting Non-Empty Days would exclude all empty days from the average and plotting of graphs.

    I think empty days will still show on the main Diary page Calorie chart, though.

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