The macros section under food log disappeared (the one with bars)

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I attached a link of a picture I googled to show what I am talking about

those bars and pie chart of the macros on my own account disappeared .. where did it go, how do I get it back??


  • Hello @OneTwentyThree

    The macronutrient bars and calories burned/consumed bars will disappear if you have no calorie goal set. For example, f you have set your energy needs (BMR and activity) to zero. Since we cannot calculate targets out of zero these targets are removed from you diary page. Once you set an energy target (either custom or based on the Mifflin St Jeor calculation) you should see the targets reappear on your diary page (you may need to refresh the page first).


    Karen Stark
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  • ooh that makes sense, thanks.

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