Team Intro: Drasko Vucenovic (iPhone App Developer)

Hi everyone!

My name is Drasko and I am the iOS Mobile Developer here at Cronometer. I have a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Software Engineering & Embedded Systems and I spend most of my time going for walks, at the gym, and adding cool content to the Cronometer iOS app on iPhone and iPad. If there's something you don't like on your iPhone's Cronometer app, I am the guy to attack. Let me have it, I can take it, and fix it! I am responsible for nearly everything the Cronometer app does on iOS, and everything it will do in the future, and there's lots of exciting stuff coming up.

Professionally, since 2012 I have worked as a Software Engineer at Facebook, The Weather Network, and Pivotal Labs to name a few, and now, truly my favourite one yet, at Cronometer. Releasing cool software features customers and my friends get to use is a passion of mine and I love being the guy connecting everyone with those little features they use on a daily basis. Now that I'm 30, I like to spend at least four days a week at the gym doing various bodybuilding routines to build muscle as well as burn off as much as I can of what I put on while in my chair half the day. During my bulking and cutting phases I rely on Cronometer to count my macros accurately to maximize the right nutrients and minimize what I don't need during each respective phase. But all things in moderation so from time to time I take it easy in the gym and relax for a while on my macro counting. If anyone wants to talk all things bodybuilding or software engineering I love having those discussions.

Most importantly, if there's anything you would like to see in the iPhone or iPad app I'm always open to discussions and suggestions.

Drasko Vucenovic


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