Are the Macro bars showing correct information for the total?

Help shows this info regarding the 4 macro bars -

"If the default fixed targets are used, the four macro bars will all show fixed targets which you can configure by click on the bars. For all other selections, the targets will be dynamically computed based on several factors. The energy target will be derived dynamically by looking at your total calories burned for the day (BMR, activity, and exercise) as well as your weight goal. For example, if your daily burn is 2200 kcal, and your weight loss goal is to loose half a pound per week, this requires a 500 kcal energy deficit, and so your energy target for the day will be set to 1700 kcal (2200 - 500). The protein, carbs, and fat targets will all then be derived based on the chosen ratio to balance at your calorie target." seems #1 that to loose a 1/2 pound per week should only require a 250 calorie deficit (3500/2/7=250) and #2, what are the /total values of Energy, Protein, Carbs, Fat supposed to be showing as they seem rather low for the Burned calories-Deficit to reach the weight goal. For instance, I have 2666 Burned Calories for today, which minus a 750 calorie deficit to lose 1.5 pounds/week (3500*1.5/7=750) should be a total of 1916 calories I'm allowed for the day, yet the Energy macro line so far today shows a total of only 1442 kcal for any food I click on, and correspondingly low values for protein, carbs, fats and #3, the Energy macro and the others show something different for each exercise as compared to the constant for the foods, though the portion and percentage is always 0.

P.S. is there a way to upload a snippet image so I can show what I'm talking about better?

Thanks, Dave


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    I just found out that if I click on the Description header, then the proper amounts are displayed in the macro bars, but clicking on every food item shows the same lower totals, and each exercise shows different lower totals. Maybe I'm not understanding what the totals are supposed to be showing. Thx

  • I'm a newbie in case you can't tell :) and figured that the difference is related to the exercise component not being counted when selecting an individual food vs. selecting the Description header or basically no selection, though the numbers don't quite totally exactly. Is that the way it is supposed to work? Is there a reasoning behind that? And why would selecting the different exercises give different values? Somehow discounting the selected exercise? I could make more sense if the numbers were to total correctly but I can't quite make them do so. Thx!

  • Hello @MushroomHunter

    When you click on a diary group header, the nutrient targets below will update to show you all the nutrients coming from that group only. Similarly, when you click on a single food, (or select multiple foods) the nutrient targets will update to show you how these foods are contributing to your daily targets. I hope that helps!


    Karen Stark
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  • Karen, I got that in general, but the numbers seem to be not adding up correctly beyond just rounding and truncation error.

    When I take total calories for the day, minus total exercise calories, I get something different than total calories shown for the total calories that the group contributes toward. For instance, day calories shows 1917, exercise shows 497 calories, but each group shows the calories for the group out of 1442 total calories, which is NOT 1917-497 which is 1420 calories. Seems the groups should show xxx/1420 not xxx/1442, and similar for the protein/carbs/fats, so not sure what it is showing.

    And when clicking on an individual exercise, different energy/prot/fat/carb totals are shown for each exercise? What is that supposed to mean?

    Also, how do you select multiple foods via the website? The help tips indicate you can select multiple items but I've not figured out how yet and control mouse does not work for that which is the browser custom.

    Is it possible for me to upload an image into my post from my PC?

    Thanks, Dave

  • Hello MushroomHunter,

    If you are adding your exercise into a diary group that contains food and then click on the group header to see the nutrient information below, we will still show you all the nutrients and energy that you consumed during that meal. The energy you burned will show you both total calories consumed, as well as net calories. It would be very helpful if you could send screenshots to [email protected] so we can better understand your examples.

    You can select multiple items in your diary at once by holding down the shift key while you click on each item. All selected items will appear grey.

    When you click on an exercise in your diary. The nutrient targets below should look empty. The energy bar will show a negative net number, reflecting the calories burned during the highlighted exercise.


    Karen Stark
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  • Exercise was in a diary group by itself, and properly shows negative energy, and 0 protein, net carbs, and fat, but the totals keep changing for the group and each exercise whereas they don't do that for a pure food group. I guess no big deal but I'll send an email to support w/ what I'm seeing there, and also regarding the totals for the food groups not totaling to what I would expect.

    Thanks for the tip on multi select, that's a big help!

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