Grams Remaining of Each Macro

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Right now on the app and website you see the percent that you have eaten for the day.

Would it be possible to list grams remaining?

I do the math in my head all the time, but it would be nice to have it right in front of me.


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    Hi @candrist ,
    You can see the number of grams you have eaten as a fraction of your total macronutrient targets by turning on the Full Macronutrient Breakdown in the Calories summary section of your diary page. Select the gear icon in the top right of "Calories Summary" on your diary page. Then select "Show Full macronutrient Breakdown" This will show you a bar graphic of each macronutrient and total energy with grams listed for each.
    If you have set a weight goal, you can also select "Show weight goal" in this settings menu and you will see text in your diary stating "For your weight goal you can eat x more calories today"

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  • Thanks @Hilary ,

    I have the Full Macronutrient Breakdown enabled. Currently, it shows how many grams I have eaten, and what my target is. Then gives me a percentage to goal. For example:
    Protein: 66.9 g / 62 g (108%)
    Net Carbs: 21.6 g / 20 g (108%)
    Fat: 140 g / 142 g (99%)

    It would be nice if there was an option to make it show remaining/overage for example

    Protein: 66.9 g / 62 g (-4.9 g)
    Net Carbs: 21.6 g / 20 g (-1.6 g)
    Fat: 140 g / 142 g (2 g)

    Thanks Again.

  • Hello @Hilary , or anyone, are you able to answer this question please? You misread the OP's question and never responded to their clarification. I'm also interested in this feature.

  • Thanks for asking for the clarification! My response was meant more as a workaround, however you are correct in that I did not clearly state this - sorry about that!
    We do not currently have a feature that allows you to swap for the inverted proportions, but I will certainly add your request to the list. Other users have expressed interest in this as well!

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  • @Hilary was this feature added? I'm MFP offers the ability to just see how many grams of each macro remain. It would be awesome if this was done.

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