How to compare the nutrition of two foods in Cronometer

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Which food is better, food A or food B?

For example, 120g of chickpeas (canned) and 160g of tofu (firm) are both 166 kcal. How do they compare? Should I switch from chickpeas to tofu or not? What would the nutritional effect be? If only Cronometer allowed different foods to be compared... well it does!

Here are two ways:

Comparing the nutrition for foods A and B side by side

  1. Add the two food items to the diary, e.g. 120g chickpeas and 160g tofu.
  2. Open the diary in two browser tabs.
  3. Select chickpeas in one then the nutritional summary below is for chickpeas.
  4. Select tofu in the other tab similarly.
  5. Scroll down to view nutrition and switch between the tabs.

This method shows contributions for each food and while swapping between tabs allows a comparison it's not ideal for seeing the difference at a glance. For that, read on...

What is the nutritional difference between food A to food B?

What would I gain and lose by switching from 120g chickpeas to 160g tofu?

  1. Start with a blank diary.
  2. Add -120g of chickpeas and note it is minus 120g (food removed).
  3. Add 160g of tofu (food added).
  4. Scroll down to view the nutrition (actually the nutritional difference).

The nutrition summary shows the gains and losses in switching from chickpeas to tofu. The positive gains are shown visually in the bars. The negative losses are shown in the numbers.

Is it chickpeas or tofu?

Switching from chickpeas to tofu would mean fewer carbs, a bit more fat including w3 and w6, more proteins spread across the board, minor changes in vitamins, less sodium and more minerals. Cronometer tells us the nutritional effect of the substitution. Try it and see for yourself...

Cronometer is awesome!


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