Feature Request: Ability to See Nutrient Breakdown Ingredient by Ingredient In Recipes

I have added a few recipes from external sites (like minimalist baker etc). Over time I have tweaked these recipes so that I get the composition of nutrients that is right for me. It all works fine. However the way that I have to go about doing it in cronometer is awkward.

For example, for a given recipe I know the amount of fat per serving. However, I cannot see which ingredients contribute to the fat in a recipe directly on the recipe page. Instead I have to copy the ingredients to my diary where I can see the breakdown -- which partially defeats the purpose of typing in the recipe. Can you please add the ability to see recipe nutrient breakdown ingredient by ingredient ?


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    Thanks for the suggestion @SKI ,
    We will definitely look into it. For now, to make it a bit easier, use our "Explode recipe" feature in order to easily look at the ingredients in your diary!
    Go to your Diary tab, add the custom recipe to your diary. Right-click the recipe in your diary to bring up the menu, and select Explode Recipe. This will break down your recipe into each of the ingredients (based on the serving size you entered).

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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    Thank-you for your @Hillary. And thanks for considering the feature request. In the mean time, I'll take your suggestion and use the 'explode recipe' feature. It is very useful!

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    Seconding this feature request! As well as adding in the ability to compress an exploded recipe. Otherwise the process is extremely cumbersome. Maybe this could be in the form of an option to "Compress all recipes" so that you don't have to make it an option for each ingredient/recipe which could maybe be complicated.

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    One way to estimate the satiety of a food plan is to calculate the ratio of calories per gram of food. It would be lovely if that calculation could be included in the reporting for day to day or date ranges. It's simple math with data crono already has, may be easy to program?

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