ideas for usability features

A few ideas in no particular order :
1) A way to see the notes and their date. When a user adds a note, for instance mentioning a change to macros, or some lifestyle or other noteworthy event, it would be nice to be able to be able to find it more easily than backing thru the calendar, day by day. If a notes summary feature is too difficult in the short term, even an indication on the month view of the calendar that there is a note would be very helpful.

2) When a recipe is added, a way to make it a favorite when created.

3) Add some sliding "goal" markers to the the calories summary on the diary page. For instance, if I'd like to have protein be dynamic as part of keto diet, but at the same time remind myself of a minimum to consume, a sliding marker would be very nice to have.

4) Make the bio measurement type "sticky" to the last time entered, for instance if blood sugar is entered as mg/dL, make that the default for the next time it is entered

5) On the diary page, it seems like the weight and calories are "off by one" as far as a week goes. If today is Sunday midday and I want to look back a week, I'd like to see the previous Sunday on the chart, not 6 days prior. If I were to weigh in once a week, I can't see a week earlier. Similarly, the two weeks isn't really two weeks etc.


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    I think the idea to make notes easier to see is a great one; would be nice to just be able to see a chronological list of notes rather than searching by them day by day.

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    Rather than a separate thread, I'll post other feature requests within this one.

    6) A dozen "custom" biometrics that can be labeled as the user sees fit in addition to the list built in. For instance, one dieter may wish to capture various body measurements, such as thigh, waist, calf, neck etc. Another may wish to keep track of their elimination cycle or other personal details. A block of custom biometrics would nicely allow the trends to be captured.

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    Just realized the custom biometric is a gold feature. Cool.

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    Hi Chunky,

    Thanks for your ideas for improvement - you have got some great suggestions here! I will add them to our list of feature requests.


    Karen Stark
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    When adding ingredients, the facility to add an item but stay at the food search box would be useful. For example, rather than just hitting "add serving" you could have the option to "add serving & keep selecting additional servings"

    Being able to use CTRL + C and CTRL + V to copy and paste items in the Diary would be useful also.


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    edited March 2018

    I am using custom biometrics since ages and ... honestly... they are a nightmare. I am very happy this feature exists.... but it is very close to a usability desaster. Problems:

    • having more than 2-3 of them, one would want to have them in a meaningful order. But I cant reorder
    • this wouldnt be a big deal, if at least I could rename them, so I could leverage alphabetical sort. Again, not possible
    • So often I need to make comments on how I used them (e.g. how to take the measurements). For example, one measurement I always do in the morning in order to be comparable. Where can I take notes of such things? I could put a few words into the name, if only I could change that name...

    It occurs to me that the single most useful and most versatile usability improvement to custom biometrics would be to permit changing their name. I have a few dozens of biometrics and I tell you it is no pleasure using Crono...
    Still, it is a wonderful wonderful idea to have custom biometrics!

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    edited March 2018

    Another usability improvement: in the web version, you have a right mouse click to open a context menu. It contains:
    1. add food
    2. copy...
    . ....

    Could we add here "add biometric" and "add exercise" and "add comment"?

    I suggest this because this context menu is really short, so there is plentiful space for adding as little as 3 more entries without overwhelming any user.

    Why this makes a difference? My days have several dozens of entries. If I want to add an entry, I need to
    1. mark the diary group to which it should go
    2. to do this, I need to scroll down to that group
    3. scroll up to the top of the page
    4. press there what I want, eg "add note"

    all this could be achieved in 1 single click!!

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    On Android, I wish I could copy a food item from a "completed" day. But I have to mark it incomplete first, copy, then mark it complete again.

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    Hi @harry thanks for the suggestion. I have added it to our list!

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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    +1 for renaming bio-metrics.
    +1 for ability to create a group of several biometrics and allowing to add the group at once with a single timestamp

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