Net carbs showing for Truvia when "incl sugar alcohols..." is unchecked and don't show when checked

It seems that when I disable the "include sugar alcohol in net carbs", my diary is showing a Truvia packet as containing 3g net carbs. When I enable the "include sugar alcohol in net carbs" option, it shows Truvia as containing 0g net carbs.

Am I using this option correctly or is this a bug?


  • Actually, Truvia shows 3g net carbs whether that option is enabled or disabled (in the app). But it doesn't show the net carbs on the web page.

  • Hi ttresda,

    We found an issue with the net carbs display on the targets bar at the top of your screen and will have a fix out soon. The net carbs should be displayed correctly on the detailed nutrient targets screen. Tap the target bar to see the correct value in the Calories Summary/Nutrient Targets screen.


    Karen Stark
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