My Fitbit didn't sync

I followed the instructions to sync my Fitbit to Cronometer but must have missed a step or something. Nothing seems to be importing to Cronometer or I am looking in the wrong place. On Fitbit I only track steps, weight, and water but can't find info on Cronometer. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I am new to Cronometer but really love it!


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  • Hi @Janice

    We run into some Fitbit sync'ing issues occasionally. Sometimes they are intermittent, and can be fixed by unlinking your fibit account with Cronometer and then relinking it. I would recommend trying that first then seeing if the data starts getting imported. Make note of what options you have checked in your Cronometer profile as well when you do that, as that will control what gets imported.

    I don't think we import water intake data based on the options I see in the profile, but we do import weight, and steps would be imported with the label Activity or Active Calories or something like that.

    Hopefully that clears things up, but if the problem persists, submit a ticket to [email protected] as we will take a look to see if there a bug there. If you are getting any errors at any point, definitely include the details on those in your email. That will help us figure things out quicker.



    Spencer D.
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