Carryover supplements

I would love to be able to "carryover" some of the supplements I take. Example: I take a big dose of B12 a week. Should be enough to get my week covered and I would like to see that reflected on my daily intake.


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    Just go to trends and do a nutrition report for a week

    (I have the same wish as you: some things I eat only once a week having big influence and repla ing daily intake... but then, should crono falsify the data and show me something that I did not eat that day? I do not think so)

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    But thinking abut this, a really really important lacking feature in Crono is searching for food / supplement items!!! If I want to find out if I slept well or badly after taking some supplements, I need to see when I have taken them!! I would have used this feature a hundred times!!!

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