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When/How does Apple Health sync with Cronometer? It seems intermittent, but I know technology travels at varying speeds based on APIs...and some of it must be pushed instead of arriving automatically.

I was just working in the Cronometer website and yesterday's Apple Health data wasn't there. After searching your forum for info & finding nothing on this topic, I opened my mobile Cronometer app as a test run - and now the Apple Health data is there.

Same for each day.

Looks like I must open the mobile app and scroll back thru each day in order for Apple Health stats to sync into that day? Is this the case?



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    Hi Mconnell,

    You got it! The data will be fetched when you open the app that is linked with your Apple Health account. To back-fill past days, you will have to open that day in your calendar to get the data from Apple Health.

    In an upcoming release, we will import your data from Apple Health for all dates between the date you open in your calendar and the current date. For example, if you open last Tuesday in your diary Cronometer will begin to import data from Apple Health from last Tuesday to today.


    Karen Stark
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    :) Thanks!

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