Custom biometric graphs in Trends view

The custom biometrics is a great feature and being able to see graphs of them in the Trends view would be really helpful.


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    Hi @Misko ,
    You can! Go to the second graph, and choose your custom biometric from the Drop-down menu!

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    Got it working! So what happened was that I didn't see them in either the app or the desktop version until I restarted the app in my phone, after which the customs appeared to the second graph in both. This is great, thanks!

    While we are at it, would also be great to be able to add a custom number of metrics and nutrient graphs to be able to compare the trends, that would also be really helpful :)

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    edited March 2018

    While Crono does display graphs of custom biometrics, there are major deficiencies that would be so so so nice to improve: opposing the "calories consumed" and the nutrients' charts, the biometrics chart cannot be restricted to the "days completed". Also, it would be wonderful to have 3 charts on the page not restricted to calories / biometrics / nutrients, but have all 3 freely choseable. For example, see above each other two different biometrics. Example: I want to find out if my sleep hours (biometric 1) improved when my vitamin D status (biometric 2) was better.
    (Pease dont answer that I can do that via downloading the data as excel... that costs so much time until finally graphs come out... and it is unusable on a mobile phone... It would be a few simple clicks if crono could display it!!!!!)

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